Wednesday, November 30, 2011

19 Weeks 1 Day Belly Shot

Here I am, nearly to the half way point of 40 weeks, which I won't be going that far anyway.  But, its just easier to think of it that way in my head.

Getting bigger!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 17 & 18 & Gender

Okay, so I'm a bit behind on my posts, but its been kinda busy so I'll do my best to update.  My memory might not serve me well, but I'll do my best!

Week 17 -This is where my memory is lacking.  Between being super tired and being pregnant, my memory has faded.  I know that this week was pretty relaxed and we visited with friends from Canada all weekend.  I must not have felt too miserable or else I'd probably remember.  I do know I've been craving spicy foods and have been extra tired, but that's really it!  One important thing is, the day I turned 17 weeks was the day I most certainly knew that my baby kicked and it wasn't some stomach gurgle : )

Week 18- So this was our big ultrasound week for the anatomy scan.  We of course found out the baby is a BOY!!!!! At the ultrasound I got to experience something that most people need to pay for and that was the "4D" ultrasound where you can see the outline of the baby.  Of course he is looking quite skinny and usually its done toward the end of pregnancy to get a "cuter" picture, but we were still really glad we got to experience this.  As for us, we are super excited because Judah gets to have a brother and we don't need to buy any clothes! 

I am also feeling TONS of movement, its great.  I even felt our baby boy move to one side of my belly and I could feel the outline of some part of his body; the area felt very solid.  This week I have been ridiculously tired, hungry, and well a little irritable.  Its hard to keep your emotions balanced when your hormones are going crazy.  I also feel like I grew a lot this week.  I also am starting to lose my balance whenever I squat down to Judah; I always end up falling right on my bum.  I am definitely noticeably pregnant now, but I can't believe I have so much more time to go.  I am not even half way, or I might be, who knows.  Getting there though.

As for the baby's name, we are deciding not to tell the name to everyone publicly, but privately to certain people.  It may come out publicly because we've already slipped a bunch, but we just ask if you know the name, please don't put it out there for the world to see, appreciate it!

I will officially be 19 weeks tomorrow!  I'll get a belly shot in soon!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Buying Tips for New Moms

I started writing a post about all the things I've learned since becoming a mother, but soon realized part of being a mother is being busy!  I did not have time to write all that I wanted so I decided to just give a few tips on when purchasing items, that I have come to realize over the past 2+ years (from pregnancy until now).

1. If you can, get it second hand.  It will save you a bundle!

2. If you can't get it second hand, use a coupon! We saved 20% on our brand new dresser and crib just by using the Babies 'R' Us 20% off coupon they often have.  These coupons come by mail, at the store via hand outs with a purchase you make, or e-mail.

3. Use your gift cards and gift money wisely.  I was slightly foolish and used a lot of the gift cards towards a breast pump.  In hindsight, I think I didn't necessarily NEED to get a breast pump seeing as though I was solely breastfeeding, but it did come in handy when I felt engorged, especially since the hand held crappy one they give you at the hospital one broke on me after just a few months.  If you do get a breast pump, I would suggest buying an electric over an unreliable hand held because hand helds are expensive to begin with, usually starting at around $50. Where a good electric breast pump, that will last, can be purchased for $100-200.  Its a good investment if you are planning to have more than one child.

4. If you don't have the room in your home, avoid purchasing things that are non collapsible.  Luckily in our apartment we have a huge storage closet, but things like the exersaucer and baby swing are not very collapsible.  Play gyms, jumperoos, and pack and plays are collapsible and are easily stored.

5. Save money to invest where you need later.  For example, baby gates are something I wished I had saved for earlier, because those items are not cheap, especially for good tall ones. You really don't want to have a flimsy gate near stairs.  Another example, which most people don't think of is that you WILL need a car seat after your baby grows out of the travel system, so that is another rather expensive item that you will not want to skimp on and NOT get second hand.  Once a car seat has been in an accident or is over 10 years old, which is way too old to me to begin with, the car seat is considered no good anymore!

Hope these tips helped a little. Perhaps I'll get around to doing a what to register for/not to list in the near future.  Until then! =)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 15 & 16

Week 15 - Another easy breezy week of course with a few signature symptoms.  My boobs are so soooore! Ouch!  I notice it each time I stand up when I do my nightly bathroom trips, which is about three to four times a night.   I think I need to wear a bra to bed or something. My other signature symptom is excessive upon excessive amounts of gas!  I am so bloated it doesn't matter what I eat.  I could eat a bowl of cereal and milk and you'd think my insides were the site of some major war from all the explosions you hear.  I thought I may have woken Judah up from his sleep a couple times.

Week 16 - My new name is now Hungry Hungry Hippo.  Wow!  I cannot get enough food ever it seems.  I feel like a totally bottomless pit and was surprised when I found out I only gained three pounds last month.  I had my 16 week appointment making me officially four months pregnant, woo hoo!  I got to hear the heartbeat of my baby again.  The bpm was in the 150's range, which seems to be the pretty constant rate that its been going.  Judah's was always very high, which obviously disproves the high heart rate means a girl theory.  My doctor was happy with how everything seemed to be going and I got to schedule my anatomy scan ultrasound.  I'm so excited!
     Time is flying, sort of.  I had a few moments this week where I felt like saying "Ugh, another 20 + weeks?" because I feel bigger and a little uncomfortable and the hunger and frequent urination is getting old quick.  Another unwelcome and rather early symptom, this time around, is swelling.  My fingers are already slightly swelling and I only noticed this because I had to take my ring off the other day and was thinking "Why is this on so tight?!"  Then I realized the reason and got a little sad because I don't like not wearing my wedding ring.  Other than that though, things are going very smoothly and I am ready to start getting things moved around in the house.  That is going to be a big project, but its got to be done. Until then, I'll just keep myself busy with my crafts and my extremely funny and busy toddler.

I am officially 17 weeks pregnant today! Feeling TONS of movement! 
Nine days til the gender scan!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pinterest & Listography

Ever feel like you have so much you want to remember and just keep losing all your little lists you've made?  Well please look no further because if you own a computer with the internet you'll want to check out these two very cool sites: Pinterest & Listography.

Pinterest is a website where you "pin" all your ideas out visually under predetermined categories or you can name the categories yourself.  You can also follow other pinners quite easily by clicking "follow" under their name.  You also have the option of following only certain boards.  When you follow someone or a board the images from these members will show up on your Pinterest home page.

     In order to start using Pinterest you must receive an "invitation" from their site.  This comes in e-mail form and should only take about a day or two.  Once you receive this e-mail, sign-up and start pinning!  You can "pin" an item onto a board very easily once you load the "Pin It" button to your bookmarks.  I placed mine just under the area where you type in URLs so my "pins" are always able to be done quickly.  All your "pins" MUST include a picture, otherwise it is impossible to "pin" your item.  Sometimes I have found that this is a draw back only because not every site has pictures (most do though) so I had to add some ideas to my regular bookmarks.  This brings me to the next website: Listography.

Listography was something I happened to stumble upon in my search to organize my ideas online and stop writings things on tons of slips of little paper that I'd lose.  If you're an organization freak like me you will love this site.  This site is a lot more basic than Pinterest in the fact that it is mainly text, makes you use a little html, and does not have much room for pictures.  I like this site though because you can create "lists" whether they be your To Do List, your Grocery List, your Movies to Watch/Buy List.  I have created many lists organizing my ideas on Crafts, Jewelry, My Kids, and right now Christmas.

     Once you learn a little of their html, which is extremely easy, you can check off or cross things out items on your list as you accomplish them.   All of your lists will be shown on your main page unless you otherwise specify that you want it to be private.  I have many lists in the private folder (I don't want anyone peaking at their Christmas presents!)  If a list is old you can store it in the archives folder. Its really simple, but so helpful.

Here are the links to my personal Pinterest page & Listography page.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playtime with a Friend

This week I had the pleasure of babysitting my friend's toddler, Josiah, who is the same age as Judah  With anytime babysitting someone for the first time, one never knows what to expect, but at this venture it was smooth sailing.  I was very pleasantly entertained with two funny, energetic boys with mostly good (even nearly perfect) behavior.  I was able to snap a couple shots from their time together, but boy were they fast running around.  It was very cute and quite a site to see.

"Hmm, what should we do today, Josiah?"

"I know.  Let's wear hats!"

"Then take them off like this!"

"Then we'll tickle each other!"

"And then, finally end the day with a hug." Awww.


Two weeks from today at 4pm I'll be finding out if I have a boy or a girl!  That'll be the day before Thanksgiving.  It is still so hard to believe that I am even having another baby.  It is so surreal at times.  If you'd like to find out the results stay connected! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kitchen Buddy

Generally I don't let Judah into the kitchen, mainly to ever avoid him from burning himself when I use the hot stove or oven, but on those few occasions he does get to stay in the kitchen with me, he is content and happy as can be rearranging my pots and pans and making as much noise as possible in the process.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 13 - 14

I'm going to combine these two weeks as well I just can't remember what happened during week 13.  Sorry about my forgetfulness, but I'll just have to chalk it up to as part of the pregnancy and you'll just have to forgive me.

Weeks 13 & 14- Fetal movement!!!! Or at least I'm pretty sure. I know what it feels like because I've already had a baby once before.  It is funny how things come back to you because it really only feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with Judah.  But seeing as it is probably fetal movement, it has certainly increased and been more noticeable in the recent days than in earlier moments. 
     My symptoms right now are that my body is just very sore, especially at night.  When I get up to go to the bathroom at night it feels like I  am battling the flu in terms of body aches on top of feeling like I have a bolder resting on my bladder.  As I get up to go, I literally cannot stand up straight because my bladder feels so heavy.  I have been tired and usually do best if I get about ten hours of sleep at night, but Judah hasn't been letting me sleep as much with his either lack of naps or sudden decision to sleep three less hours a night.
     My main symptom, which has occurred throughout the pregnancy, but is getting more prominent, is the fact that my muscles feel like they are just floating in my body.  There are times when my muscles will do this rolling type sensation, which oddly replicates the feeling of a baby rolling.  It just feel like they are very loose and definitely not in their usual place.  I guess my body is just getting ready to expand more, which by the way its amazing how much I've grown in the past few weeks. I'll continue to add more photos of the belly as time goes on, but I recently just posted one here.  So until next time!

 I am officially 15 weeks and 1 day today!