Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 17 & 18 & Gender

Okay, so I'm a bit behind on my posts, but its been kinda busy so I'll do my best to update.  My memory might not serve me well, but I'll do my best!

Week 17 -This is where my memory is lacking.  Between being super tired and being pregnant, my memory has faded.  I know that this week was pretty relaxed and we visited with friends from Canada all weekend.  I must not have felt too miserable or else I'd probably remember.  I do know I've been craving spicy foods and have been extra tired, but that's really it!  One important thing is, the day I turned 17 weeks was the day I most certainly knew that my baby kicked and it wasn't some stomach gurgle : )

Week 18- So this was our big ultrasound week for the anatomy scan.  We of course found out the baby is a BOY!!!!! At the ultrasound I got to experience something that most people need to pay for and that was the "4D" ultrasound where you can see the outline of the baby.  Of course he is looking quite skinny and usually its done toward the end of pregnancy to get a "cuter" picture, but we were still really glad we got to experience this.  As for us, we are super excited because Judah gets to have a brother and we don't need to buy any clothes! 

I am also feeling TONS of movement, its great.  I even felt our baby boy move to one side of my belly and I could feel the outline of some part of his body; the area felt very solid.  This week I have been ridiculously tired, hungry, and well a little irritable.  Its hard to keep your emotions balanced when your hormones are going crazy.  I also feel like I grew a lot this week.  I also am starting to lose my balance whenever I squat down to Judah; I always end up falling right on my bum.  I am definitely noticeably pregnant now, but I can't believe I have so much more time to go.  I am not even half way, or I might be, who knows.  Getting there though.

As for the baby's name, we are deciding not to tell the name to everyone publicly, but privately to certain people.  It may come out publicly because we've already slipped a bunch, but we just ask if you know the name, please don't put it out there for the world to see, appreciate it!

I will officially be 19 weeks tomorrow!  I'll get a belly shot in soon!

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