Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stay Tuned...

I may not always be faithful in posting consistently, but I have my reasons. =)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Lately, I have been letting Judah have a little more free reign around the house.  As he grows he is ever more curious and must satiate his desire to see what is behind or inside everything.  Unfortunately I am somewhat of a neat freak, which makes it hard to let go and see parts of the apartment get occasionally destroyed, but, with a baby that is obviously kind of hard to prevent.  In spite of my need to be tidy I have been trying to loosen up a bit and let Judah "discover" things on his own in hopes that it will help him learn about his environment and to help him grow intellectually.  Not to mention I have been trying to let him feed himself with a spoon.  You can only imagine how that turns out; but how else will he learn right? Alas, let's see what he's been getting into...

"Breakfast time, on my own!"

Judah in the beginning stages of emptying his toy box.

Inspecting the contents of the unloaded goodies.

Sharing with mommy his discovery of the red scooper spoon.

Night befalls and even after a bath and pajama change, it doesn't end there.

Emptying the bookcase: a classic baby discovery move.

"Mommy's favorite thing to do before bed is clean up every toy in my room.  Or is it kiss me goodnight?"
Yes it is kissing you goodnight sweetie, but I still love you soooo much! I love you, Judah!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Additional Canada Photos

Beth Leblanc & myself before I left for home.

Gotta have the Canadian flag in there.

One of the many sleeping Judah pictures.  What a good little traveler.

One of my favorite pictures from the entire trip.

Judah, just absolutely loving the swing.

Boys of Summer.

Ben "eating" a dead crab, yum!

Family pic by the water.

Judah at the Diner.

The Halls!

Judah riding the tractor at the Hall Bros. business.

Judah "driving" a real tractor.

Andrea Hall & myself.  I'll miss her & her husband.

Oh, Canada!

Okay, so my blog break is officially over. I finally revamped my blog, again!  Change is good right?  I am also feeling more like myself, after the roller coaster I just went through a few months ago. Summer break is winding down, but it has been one to surely remember.  Judah has become significantly more mobile these days, as well as more vocal.  Timm is preparing to enter his third year of professional teaching in his own classroom and is about to embark on the journey of getting his Masters degree.  I am continuing to stay at home watching Judah and am ever working towards living a balanced life, so that I am able to serve my household, the church, and most importantly the Lord the best that I possibly am able.
     Needless to say, the highlight of our Summer was our fantastic trip to the northern country of North America, CANADA!  The Lord knew what He was doing when He allowed us to travel up that way.  We met some incredible people and reconnected with others who we hadn't seen in quite a while.  Over the course of two weeks, our trip included sleeping in four different locations, all being people's houses that we were friends with, so not once did we stay in a hotel.  All the locations were in different towns, but we stayed in just two provinces: New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island.  In total we drove about 30 hours hopping from each location and just driving around site seeing. Timm, Judah, & I had a blast and will never forget the memories and friends we made here this Summer.

Myself, Julie, & Beth in NB.

Caleb exhibiting the Crack Door!

Posing for a magazine ;)

I will miss them!

Attempting to shoot a bow and arrow at camp Emmanuel.

Go boys, get those bulls eyes!

Really awesome rainbow I snapped a shot of while Timm was driving.

Judah using his new found mobility to try and play the piano at Blayre and Josh's.

The FudgeeO experience, thanks to Ben Canfield.

Playing Monopoly 3 nights in a row, awesome time.  That empty chair is where I sat ;)

Josh doing his victory dance.

Judah and I in front of the Green Gables house.

Beautiful PEI scenery.

The red rock is unique to Prince Edward Island. So beautiful.

Judah playing Ben's guitar.

Judah really is a good strummer.

Like father like son.

Ben getting ready to jump off a bridge. A popular pass time.
Timm in mid jump.

Blayre and Vivienne.

Ben making Judah laugh hysterically.  He really liked Ben.

At Boston Pizza in PEI, just before we left for the Halls.

Covered bridge, unique to NB.

Us inside the covered bridge.  It was really cool and rustic.

The castle bridge in Sussex, really neat.

One of the many murals in Sussex.

Judah doing "Book" in sign language.

Reversing Falls.

Famous war tower in NB. I cannot remember the name of it though.

Judah loving the camera at Vito's Restaurant.

Silliness at the Leblanc's. Haha, Beth.

You get the idea.

All in all I guess you could say we had a good time ;)