Friday, September 9, 2011

The Reveal: Part 2

(Continued September 9, 2011)

Today was my ultrasound...

...and it went as well as it possibly could go.

Here is the photo, although hard to see it showed a baby measuring exactly the right amount of days gestation with a heartbeat of 156 bpm.  I am relieved and happy that Judah will be a big brother.  I just pray and hope that the pregnancy continues to go well, but trust me I am doing my best to put this all in the Lord's hands. Any and all words of encouragement are welcome. Thank you!

This picture was taken at 7 weeks & 4 days gestation.

Clarification Questions For You

Do you think you told people you were pregnant a little too early?
I am telling people where I am about 8 weeks, having 2 good scans, and good blood work.  Also, I didn't want to go through this pregnancy alone like I did the last one, where I lost the baby.  I lost the baby and then it like was like, "Oh, I have almost no one to talk to this about" because we didn't tell anybody we were pregnant.  I also like to know that people have been praying for us.  The power of prayer is great.

Am I still nervous and cautious about this pregnancy?  
Of course! But , until the baby comes I will just have to put this in the Lord's hands and be content no matter what His decision because He will make the decision for His glory..

What pregnancy test did I use and when did I test?
It was AccuClear from Target.  I personally like to go with the tests that have the plus sign if you are pregnant because it will be lighter or darker with how much HCG is in your urine.  Now these tests are qualitative not quantitative so I know all it does it tell you if there is HCG present or not but when I took the first test it was very faint, but when I took the second test the following day it was much darker, so even though people are controversial about how much dye is in the test making it lighter or darker, every time I've tested a second time, its always been darker. I tested after I thought I was two days late.


  1. Hey Jenn! I'm over the moon and back for you and your little family +1! We will hold you up before the Lord.

    Does this make you due in May?

    Missing you even MORE now!!!


  2. As you and Timm already know, Scott and I are beyond thrilled and will continue to keep you in prayer!!!