Friday, September 9, 2011

The Reveal: Part 1

(Written August 23, 2011)

Can you blame me for not writing?  I have A LOT going on right now. Plus I've been feeling absolutely miserable. Timm and I are trying to buy a house right now and I am 5 weeks 1 day pregnant with my fourth pregnancy and have yet to have an ultrasound. I did have my HCG levels tested once and they did double from the 19th to the 21st.  Hopefully it stays doubling.  I opted not to get a second test because I knew I'd freak myself out again.  I'll wait until the ultrasound, that will give me a much clearer picture of what is going on right now. This pregnancy has been scary from the start.  I had incredible, horrible cramping and back pain since very early on, probably about one week after I ovulated.  Although I just had a miscarriage two short months ago, I am having many more symptoms than last time including being tired all the time. If this pregnancy continues to go well, I'll give an update on each week that goes by.  I even contemplated starting up my own YouTube channel, but that's probably not going to happen, we'll see.  But for now this is what I've been feeling...

Week 3/4 - These weeks I was just finding out I was pregnant.  I have been having tons and tons of period type cramping this week, especially in my lower back and groin.  I have also been experiencing a sensation of being out of breath and occasional fatigue.  A couple things that tipped me off to take a test were I had been getting car sick, which I haven't for the past year and twice in one week I felt sick.  I also have been feeling hungry in the middle of the night, craving tons of cheese, and peeing more.  Other symptoms, some of which also tipped me off, included, slight uterine burning, restless legs at night, heartburn one night, and oops excuse me excess gas.
Week 5 - This week included more cramping in the groin and lower back.  I wish that would go away.  My hunger and fatigue have been increasing exponentially.  Some days its hard to keep my eyes open at all. One reassuring sign I felt included that burning feeling in my uterus again along with stretching in my lower abdomen.  I also had pain in my left ovary area, corpus luteum cyst maybe? I haven't felt nauseous at all, is it too early for that? 

This picture was taken at 5 weeks & 4 days gestation.

(Continued September 6, 2011)

Week 6 - Bring on the morning sickness!  Starting at exactly 6.3 weeks I haven't stopped being nauseous. The morning sickness has ruined my appetite and it always makes me feel like I'm full up to my neck. I've still continued to be tired, just not as severely as before and I am still getting terrible back pain and groin cramping, its hurts kinda bad. I suppose its from the hormones loosening things up.  Plus I hear with the second baby you are more prone to backache and more noticable symptoms.

Week 7 - MORNING SICKNESS! Horrible yet reassuring morning sickness. Once again, I have no appetite and want to puke all day long. It's lovely really but also such a good sign. I am actually very thankful for it even though its hard to deal with this while taking care of a nearly 15 month old...

Back & Groin Pain Explanation?

Today I went to check my messages and saw that I have one missed call from the doctor's office.  The voice mail went like this "Hi Jennifer, this is so 'n' so from Dr. J's office, would you give us a call about some results?"  That's a message that would freak out any pregnant woman. Needless to say I was nervous to call back.  What could it possibly be I wondered? So of course I call right back and I get the person I needed to talk to on the phone right  away and the results were that I had a silent Urinary Tract Infection. PHEW! No biggie.  So of course now I am on medication for that.
     Well, one interested bit of information I just found out was that back pain and cramping can be caused by Urinary Tract Infections. Another PHEW! That's what I've been experiencing for the past three weeks! Also, for being pregnant I haven't been going to the bathroom all that much, but then again I read UTIs cause urine not to get to the bladder as efficiently so there we have it.  Also, if you didn't know UTIs are extremely common in pregnant women.  Thankfully, God has given me wisdom through my doctor's and has graciously calmed my heart.

Week 7 cont'd - ...One disconcerting symptom, or lack there of, is that my tiredness has seemed to go away completely and be replaced with a hyperactive mind.  To be honest I think the lack of tiredness is from the medication because it started the very day I started the treatment.  I was reading that Amoxicillin can lead to insomnia/troubles falling asleep.  So hopefully that is what has been causing me to not fall asleep until 11/12am each night. Any thoughts?

So now just three more days until the ultrasound...

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