Saturday, April 7, 2012


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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 35, 36, & 37

It seems as though I've maxed out my free photo storage on this blog and will be posting belly pics on Facebook from this point on until I get set up with a new blog.  I'll be sure to post about that and give the link to my new blog.  New baby, new blog, seems to go hand in hand : ) I'll keep you all posted.

Week 35 - I was having two full days of contractions lasting from 15-20 minutes apart.  The kind that wake you up in the middle of the night and make you want to count, just in case.  I was really hoping that these weren't the real deal, seeing as though it was a bit early, but I wasn't going to dismiss it, seeing as though I did have Judah 3 weeks early to the day.   The contractions did finally stop (for just over a week).
     Thursday Timm, my dad, and I all went to check out a house Timm had seen Wednesday and loved.  We all liked it too so we actually put a bid on it!  We didn't finish negotiating the price for 6 more days, kinda crazy, but we'll see what happens from here.  It would be nice to have a house finally, with the two boys.
     I did have a doctor's appt. this week where I weighed in at an impressive 178. Yikes! Oh well. I did ask to be checked seeing as though I had all those contractions and he said I was only the tiniest bit dilated.  He did not tell me about effacement or anything like that.  So all I knew was that I probably wasn't going to have my son within the next couple of days, which was good, because I had a big day planned the following day.  On my big planned out day I ended up going to my grandma's house and having her cook myself and some visitors a nice big chicken dinner for lunch.  It was great to see my family and some extended family for the short time that we did.  She sent us home with a big potato dish that we froze for later, so that was nice. Also, that same day we ended up going to a birthday party.  So needless to say, a long day and the last day we'd be traveling that far.

Week 36 - Surprisingly, no contractions this week and no appointment.  I was feeling pretty much like I did every other week with of course the horrible back pain of turning over from side to side in bed.  Leg cramps have kicked it up a notch this week though, but still nothing as terrible as when I was carrying Judah, those leg cramps were bad! At 36.6 days, I was waiting for it happen, to have the baby, seeing as though that was the exact night I had gone into labor with Judah. But alas, nothing!  I was kinda glad, but here we are in April where I know I am having the baby THIS MONTH!

Week 37 - I can't believe it but I'm here, in my 37th week. I had Judah when I had just turned 37 weeks to the day.  Currently I am just about 37 weeks and 4 days.  Its crazy to think that I actually might reach 38 weeks let alone 39 weeks and 1 day, which is when my C-section is scheduled.  But, if our son wants to wait, then so be it.  I'm totally okay with him developing as much as possible.  I really do think that he will weigh more and probably be longer than Judah was when he was born.  At least, I weigh more this time around!
     I did have a doctor's appointment this week and surprisingly my doctor did not check me, nor did I ask to be checked, figuring he knows what he is doing.  Also surprising, was the fact that I didn't gain any weight! I actually think I may have either lost a pound or was just under the 178 mark. So here I am well into my 37th week, clueless if I have dilated anymore and just waiting as each day passes wondering if this is the day.  I will say I am on my 4th day in a row of irregular contractions.  I did not have this many contractions with Judah so I am betting my body is just prepping for the big day a little extra in advance this time.  One unfortunate piece of news I found out is that my doctor will NOT be in next week!  What a bummer!  This would be the second birth of mine that he's missed if I go into labor next week. So either it has to be tomorrow or the scheduled C-section date for me to have him deliver my baby.  He did express to me though that he truly does want to be there, but since there is no predicting my baby's arrival, there really isn't much either of us can do about it.
     I did decide to update about the pregnancy a little earlier than normal though, just in case I didn't make it much longer.  With Judah's pregnancy I last updated at 35 weeks, so I'm glad I got to go a little bit past that this time, so far.  I may do an individual update for weeks 38 and 39, if I make it! :)

Currently 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with baby number 2.  Having 4 days of irregular contractions and now just...waiting!