Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pony Boy

One of Judah's favorite songs is "Pony Boy."  It is just a quick little rhyme that you sing while you bounce your child up and down on your knees as they smile.  He or she usually gets a big rush out of the very last bounce when you say "WHOA!" and give them a little drop between your knees.  It goes like this:

"Pony boy pony boy, won't you be my pony boy    
Here we go, to and fro, riding across the plains
Giddeeyup Giddeeyup Giddeeyup, WHOA!"

Here is Daddy and Judah getting ready to sing the song.

He loves it so much!

Judah has another favorite place he likes to bounce during the song, its on our legs.  What a work out!

Often Judah will climb on our feet unexpectedly and say "Pone" and that's our signal to sing the song!

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  1. Timm's hair is looong!!! We haven't seen you guys for EVER! ; ) - blayre