Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Buys For Baby Number Two!

I just wanted to share some of the items that we recently purchased for our second baby including the double stroller that we decided to get.  Making the double stroller choice was extremely difficult, but for Timm and I who are on a budget, I found one that I think is fairly priced and fits most of our needs. (Major thanks to Grammie Freitas for this purchase!)  Although, it doesn't fit all our needs to perfection, nothing would be perfect unless the stroller was custom designed, and I'm really not sure where you could do that!  We did decide to go with another crib and dresser because we felt Judah was too young to be transitioning to a toddler bed at this point, and we wanted to keep as much as we could the same as possible to make bringing a new baby into the home as least stressful for him.  Yes, we did have to dish out a little more money now than most people just buying a toddler bed for their firstborn, but we know that these cribs can convert to larger sleeping areas, and the dressers are theirs until they one day move out and choose their own furniture.  But until then, this is what they get and I am sure they will be thankful. Without further ado, here are the three major items we recently purchased:

The Crib
This crib is called the Sorelle Verona Lifetime Crib.  We chose this one because it was not made of pine, but a stronger poplar wood, and it just looked absolutely beautiful in person.  We purchased this on the very last day of the Great Trade-In event, so we got a great deal on it.

The Dresser
We chose the Sorelle Verona 5-Drawer Dresser that stands tall and upright.  The reason we decided to go with this dresser was not only because it matched the crib and was not made of pine (a biggie for me), but because it had 5 full drawers.  Judah's dresser is the same design and I really love it because it doesn't take up too much space, and its easier for me to reach things post recovery rather than having to bend down all the time, with a lower standing dresser.

The Double Stroller
This is the most interesting of the three items that I will be featuring, not only because of its unique design but also because of its unique color, bright green.  So, the name of the stroller that we decided to go with is the Joovy Scooter X2.  It caught my eye because of its great reviews and its light weight.  Most double strollers weigh 30-40 lbs and this one weighs in at just 28 lbs.  I also chose this stroller because I really did NOT want a front-to-back stroller, since I read it can be uncomfortable for the older child, leaving him/her little room, and I didn't like the fact that one of my kids would be so far away from me, not to mention turning corners doesn't seem too fun. I also really liked this stroller because the seats recline almost fully, can fit through any standard doorway, and is compatible with an infant insert, so I can put my little baby in the stroller from nearly day one. I watched a video review of this stroller as well as read many written reviews and think that we will be very happy with this purchase.  Not to mention this company has excellent customer service, something to help give us peace of mind.

Perhaps after I have used these items I'll do a review on them, but for now I am pretty confident I will like them all.

Pregnancy update is coming soon.  I've been more tired and busy, so it's getting harder to do updates! Soon though, I promise : )

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Judah has gone through many phases of liking things such as toys and books in his little life so far, but the longest lasting "obsession," if you will, has been with his love for the guitar, which he so lovingly calls "TAR!"  Everyday after Timm gets home from work Judah will run over to the door and acknowledge that his Daddy has come home, but immediately after the short greeting, Judah presents the same question without fail, "tar?" So, Timm will retrieve his acoustic guitar, which he has been diligently learning how to play better and better, just so that our son may get the most enjoyment out of the instrument as he can. The most beautiful thing about this encounter is that Judah must play his guitar alongside Daddy and sway to the music each and every time.  Now I will leave you with some pictures of their "jam sessions" together. Enjoy!

"Daddy, Tar?"

Here Judah is trying out Daddy's guitar.  For a toddler, he's quite good at strumming.

Judah getting into his classic rocker pose and of course in the appropriate attire.

Here Daddy and Judah begin another "jam session" together with Judah's new guitar from his Grammie.

Notice Judah's great form.

Here Judah ends with a rocking guitar solo.