Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Judah has gone through many phases of liking things such as toys and books in his little life so far, but the longest lasting "obsession," if you will, has been with his love for the guitar, which he so lovingly calls "TAR!"  Everyday after Timm gets home from work Judah will run over to the door and acknowledge that his Daddy has come home, but immediately after the short greeting, Judah presents the same question without fail, "tar?" So, Timm will retrieve his acoustic guitar, which he has been diligently learning how to play better and better, just so that our son may get the most enjoyment out of the instrument as he can. The most beautiful thing about this encounter is that Judah must play his guitar alongside Daddy and sway to the music each and every time.  Now I will leave you with some pictures of their "jam sessions" together. Enjoy!

"Daddy, Tar?"

Here Judah is trying out Daddy's guitar.  For a toddler, he's quite good at strumming.

Judah getting into his classic rocker pose and of course in the appropriate attire.

Here Daddy and Judah begin another "jam session" together with Judah's new guitar from his Grammie.

Notice Judah's great form.

Here Judah ends with a rocking guitar solo.


  1. I'm blown away by the dexterity with which Judah places his fingers on the frets! And don't get me started on his gorgeous hair!!

    Pam H.