Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Sale & Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

I am running a huge sale right now in my etsy shop Isaac & Rebekah!  You have the power and choice during this sale.  You can either choose 15% your ENTIRE purchase before shipping using coupon code: TAKE15OFF OR enjoy Free Shipping, no matter where you live in the world, with any purchase of $25 or more with coupon code FREESHIP!  It is that easy, you choose the code you want and no matter what you will save cash!  (This promotion will be running through the whole month of January! So keep updated on the latest listings before they are gone!)

Since I have opened I have added a lot of Discounted Jewelry from my previous jewelry shop as well as a collection of Cloisonne Earrings and a multitude of Cabochon Stud Earrings!  So please feel free to check that out!


Isaac & Rebekah is holding its first ever giveaway!
Here is how to enter: 

1. "Like" my Facebook Page
2. "Favorite" my Etsy Shop
3. Comment BELOW THIS BLOG that you did those two things. 
Please leave your name, a comment that you entered, and the item you would like if you are the winner. 
(You may choose one item up to $10 in value!)

How is the winner be picked...?

I will be using a randomizing website to choose the lucky winner.  There is no favoritism here!

1.You can enter just once.
2. The giveaway will be open for ONE FULL WEEK 
(December 31 - January 6th).
3..You must have an Etsy account to enter.
4.Winner will be announced on January 6th.

Here are some possible winnings below!


Pregnancy Weeks 21 & 22

Week 21 - This was the week I went back for my, what I think was my, last ultrasound for this pregnancy.  Kinda sad, but at least there is nothing serious that I need to keep going back to get more ultrasounds for.  It was great to see him again and see how much he's grown even in just the past 3 weeks.  He looks a lot more "plump" and so baby like in the 2D ultrasound.  We had the 4D done again, just for fun at the discretion of the tech, and it is a little strange, but so intriguing at the same time.  

When you look at the 4D photos you will see there is something cutting across the front of his face and no it is not a gaping hole in his head, but probably the umbilical cord or an arm.  The other appendage you see to his left is his arm, whether it is left or right I can't quite tell.

One thing you can see clearly in this photo is how adorably cute his lips are!  They look a lot fuller than Judah's but I guess you never know until the baby comes out.  Just 3 1/2 months left!

Week 22 - This is the week that my back started to hurt.  I will occasionally get sharp stabbing pains in my lower back and it is probably from a combination of lifting Judah and my poor posture.  At least I can fix my posture, lifting Judah I will just have to limit.  The backpain radiates into my tail bone but not quite as bad as it did when I was pregnant with Judah.  Another symptom that started this week was leg cramps.  Once again, with Judah, the leg cramps were horrendous.  Somedays I could not even walk when I got out of bed, but so far with this pregnancy it hasn't been unbearable.  I just remember to flex my foot backwards and it eases up pretty quickly.  Of course he has been moving like crazy as well!

Judah was so sick for a month but is finally starting to get better so that has been a relief to me since I was lacking great amounts of sleep and dishing out tons of money for doctor's appointments and Rx's, so I am thankful that is over.  I am just looking forward now to enjoying the rest of my pregnancy with Judah by giving him all my undivided attention while I can and it is such a pleasure.  I am so thankful to have him as my son.

I am now officially 23 weeks and 5 days today!

Judah's New Hair

We took Judah to get his first full fledged haircut today and it went quite smoothly.  We really had no clue how the haircut would turn out or what to expect with Judah's behavior, but just in case we brought out our "old faithful": MILK!  Surprisingly, Judah let the hair dresser (who just happens to be my stylist) spray his hair and start to cut, but after about 3 minutes in he started to fuss.  Once we got him his milk he was just fine and sat wonderfully.  The haircut lasted for over 10 minutes and I couldn't have asked for a better more well behaved little boy.  So proud of my handsome son!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

True Meaning Behind Xmas

So we all know that Christmas is just around the corner.  Almost everyone is familiar with why Christmas is called what it is because we are acknowledging and remembering the birth of Christ.  But what about the term Xmas? Why is it the common abbreviation for such a momentous time of year? Is it taking out the "Christ" part of our holiday giving it a more secular-friendly name or is there more behind the "X?"

What I have learned through my time in college, particularly an art history course and from some online research, is that taking the Christ and any religious affiliation out of the word Christmas in the form of Xmas is actually a common misconception.  Believe it or not the "X" actually represents Christ's name in the Greek language with X being the letter "Chi." Christ in Greek is spelled: Χριστός (Khristós) which means "the anointed one".  Notice how His name begins with an "X."  You can also see "X's" used to represent Christ in other forms such as the Chi Rho, which are the first two letters of Christ in the Greek language.

I just wanted to share this little education with you in case you were ever wondering or thought that Xmas was more meaningless or offensive than informative or useful.  I personally like to call "Christmas" as is because I speak English and that is what is most meaningful to me, knowing that the full name of Christ be remembered on this upcoming special day of celebration and rememberance.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My New Etsy Shop: Isaac & Rebekah

Hey All,

I wanted to share with you my brand new Etsy Shop. 

A lot of you already know that I used to run an Etsy Shop called "The Looking Glass Room".  I have since closed down that shop because I didn't think I could handle running an Etsy shop with two children (since I am now expecting again) or continue making the type of jewelry that I was since it could be very time consuming.  But I am pleased to say that after some time, thought, and support I decided to open a new Etsy store gearing towards basic jewelry that will not get tugged or pulled on by our little ones!  I was finding I could not even wear the jewelry I was creating, but now I am able to wear my adorable flower creations which are also very fun for me to make!


I decided to name my shop Isaac & Rebekah because that is the couple in the Bible my husband and I studied before we were married. Although I am busy and my life revolves mostly around my son and son on the way, I like to always remember that my husband was here first and this reminds me of that during those busy times. I like to support him through all his endeavors and at this time he supports me working on this shop. The day he needs my attention focused elsewhere will be the day I may move on from here.

The jewelry you will find here is specializing in earring studs made from cabochon (resin flower charms) and fabric covered buttons.  You will find these studs in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.  All of them are carefully attached to surgical steel posts and will stay securely in your ears.  Also, I have a variety of classic button studs, covered button rings, and discontinued work that will be going up shortly for a discounted rate along with many jewelry supplies.  Not to mention almost everything is under $10!

I hope you take the time to check out my new store and will "favorite" it, "like" it, or "follow" it to stay updated with the latest listings and promotions.  Thank you very much!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 19 & 20

Week 19 - This was the week of awful tiredness.  Judah and Timm both became sick and taking care of a whiny 1 year old who can't stop coughing at night will make anyone tired. I felt so bad for him all week, but we finally brought him to the doctor's.  Luckily what we thought was strep came back from the long distance lab as negative, so thankfully we double checked that.

Besides being tired I have felt really hungry often having to get up in the middle of the night to eat.  I have also grown significantly since Thanksgiving and not just from the food!   Speaking of food, this week I went out to eat twice and got dessert twice!  Such a decadent treat.  If you are out and about may I suggest the Brownie Obsession at TGIFriday's, I couldn't believe how good it was!

Week 20 - Speaking of sick, guess who is, me! I was surprised I didn't catch anything for as long as I did with two sick men in the house, but inevitably it happened and I am sluggish, tired, with my pounding head.  I am just wondering how moms of more than one child ever get by while being sick and taking care of their kids, its gotta be tough.  I give credit to those women, although I will probably become one of them!

So, I had to officially take my wedding rings off. How sad : (  I really don't like not wearing them, but the same thing happened with Judah.  My fingers swelled and I couldn't wear my rings for at least 5 months.  Some people are lucky and never have to remove their rings, but my body seems to retain water really easily, as you could see from my postpartum Judah pictures.  

This was also the week that I had my monthly check up with the doctor and he said everything looked great on the ultrasound and the heartbeat sounded great as usual.  I do have to go back for one more ultrasound because they could not get the profile shot of the baby or a picture of his heart.  I am definitely not complaining about getting another sneak peak at my baby boy : )

The most amazing part of this week is the amount of kicking I am feeling.  Timm has still not felt him from the outside, but he is moving like crazy.  I think Timm will be able to feel him soon because I thought for a moment that I saw him kick from the outside of my belly.  Once again, he moved to the lower portion of my belly and I could feel the solidness of him, even more-so this time.  I am pretty sure it was his back this time.  Very exciting!  Just 19 weeks or less!

I am officially 21 weeks today! I'll get a belly shot in before Christmas once I feel better : ) And maybe some more second baby boy shots too!