Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My New Etsy Shop: Isaac & Rebekah

Hey All,

I wanted to share with you my brand new Etsy Shop. 

A lot of you already know that I used to run an Etsy Shop called "The Looking Glass Room".  I have since closed down that shop because I didn't think I could handle running an Etsy shop with two children (since I am now expecting again) or continue making the type of jewelry that I was since it could be very time consuming.  But I am pleased to say that after some time, thought, and support I decided to open a new Etsy store gearing towards basic jewelry that will not get tugged or pulled on by our little ones!  I was finding I could not even wear the jewelry I was creating, but now I am able to wear my adorable flower creations which are also very fun for me to make!


I decided to name my shop Isaac & Rebekah because that is the couple in the Bible my husband and I studied before we were married. Although I am busy and my life revolves mostly around my son and son on the way, I like to always remember that my husband was here first and this reminds me of that during those busy times. I like to support him through all his endeavors and at this time he supports me working on this shop. The day he needs my attention focused elsewhere will be the day I may move on from here.

The jewelry you will find here is specializing in earring studs made from cabochon (resin flower charms) and fabric covered buttons.  You will find these studs in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.  All of them are carefully attached to surgical steel posts and will stay securely in your ears.  Also, I have a variety of classic button studs, covered button rings, and discontinued work that will be going up shortly for a discounted rate along with many jewelry supplies.  Not to mention almost everything is under $10!

I hope you take the time to check out my new store and will "favorite" it, "like" it, or "follow" it to stay updated with the latest listings and promotions.  Thank you very much!

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