Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Post..until after the baby arrives/Well, the baby arrived =)

(written early June)

I know it seems to be early to be having a last post at only 35 weeks pregnant, but then again, is it just ONLY 35 weeks? To me, this is a big feat and I am so happy to have made it this far with the little guy moving like crazy inside me. I know that technically I will be full term in less than two weeks, but I would like for him to stay in there until his lungs, as well as everything else, are fully developed and ready for the outside world. Another reason why I am going to put the posts on hold are because well frankly I am getting very tired, I have a ton of stuff to do before the baby gets here, including another shower this weekend (which I am very much looking forward to! =) I feel overwhelmed by the amount that I have to get done and things that I need to get so I would like to focus all my time and energy to those things. There will most certainly be an update post baby's arrival though, don't you worry.

SO, to update, I did already have one amazing shower on May 15th. I can't believe that was already almost a month ago! Well even though not everyone could make it, I am very thankful for those that could share that time with me. Showers are something that, as the guest of honor, you should be very thankful for because people take the time out of their busy lives to watch you open a bunch of gifts! On the other hand, showers are one of the really important and meaningful parts in a person's life who has something to celebrate, and how sad would it be to celebrate alone? To all those people who are invited to showers, try to make them, they mean a lot to recipient even if you are bored out of your mind, and guests of honor, be VERY thankful for and to those who come, and definitely make sure you get those thank you letters out in a timely fashion.

(written June 26/27, 2010)

It is now 6 days since Judah has been born and I cannot begin to explain the degree that my life has changed. The Lord is so gracious and has blessed me with a wonderful husband who is extremely supportive and helpful. I have also been blessed with an extremely caring church family, in law family and with a dad who would and did drop everything to be by my side. To all of them I am extremely grateful. The Lord cares so much and I know I don't express His impact on my life enough, but know I credit Him with all things good.

As for me I am in recovery for the next 5-6 weeks because I had a C-section. Now I was initially disappointed and nervous when I heard I needed one but I knew that the Lord allowed it and I knew I needed to accept my condition because I knew it would work toward His goodness and glory. I now have accepted it and would do it over and over again because the outcome outweighed every fear and bit of sadness I felt. I just want everyone to know that I don't want anyone feeling bad for me because I didn't deliver the traditional way and probably never will because truly I am so happy and in all honesty so in love with my baby.

Physically I am in pain, I have a lot of restrictions, and find it difficult to walk, stand, climb stairs, and adjust myself in bed. I find lying on my back most comfortable but without help its very hard to get out of bed. Chores are definitely on hold for a while, which, for a neat freak like me kinda drives me crazy.

My stay at the hospital was pretty awesome. Even the food was really good too. I had a lot of wonderful nurses and felt very well taken care of. One of the nurses came in just to say hi and see how I was even though I wasn't scheduled as her patient that night. One scary thing that happened while in the hospital was I almost passed out in the shower and had to pull the emergency cord. I got assistance right away though so that was good. Also, I want to thank ALL of my visitors. It means so much when people take time out of their lives for you.

As for my baby Judah, I am in love. He makes Timm and me cry tears of happiness everyday. He really is an excellent baby and only cries when he needs a diaper, is hungry, is uncomfortable, or just wants to be snuggled. He eats often and goes to the bathroom even more, I think we had 17 dirty diapers today. He is also an extremely strong baby and actually rolled himself over once. I love him so much.

If you'd like to pray for us we could use prayer in the following areas: Judah's early salvation, health for him including his jaundice clearing up and his physical anatomy being complete so we can avoid surgery, a swift recovery for me (I have been particularly sore near my incision site lately), and that Timm and I can get some sleep and be good parents in the eyes of the Lord.

If you'd like to help out food is always good, an encouraging word or prayer is always appreciated, and to give Timm a break a quick trip to the store is helpful. We also are in need of nursing bras/under clothes and a sleepsack for Judah.

Well that's it for now. Timm is napping, Judah's about to eat and I am trying to get the diaper bag ready for our first doctor's appt. Thanks for taking the time to read.