Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full time mothering...

On this latest hiatus, I have basically perfected...well...managed to develop...well no...ok, let's be honest...TRIED to begin a routine with my son. Not to say that I haven't gotten better or that the newness of being a parent has fully worn off, but I do feel a little more confident in my everyday tasks and duties. The house isn't a mess, the dishes get done (most days), I get to get out of the house and enjoy time with friends, I am able to attend most chapel meetings, and even get to spend some special time with my husband watching Disney movies and Nickelodeon cartoons. My weeks are filled with feedings, diapering, nap giving, errands, playing with Judah, seeing/entertaining grandparents, meeting up with friends whether it be walking at Buttonwood Park, the breastfeeding support group, or visiting them at their homes. So, I guess you could say that's been what's up in a snapshot.

Speaking of snapshot, I just received my uber early Christmas gift, a Canon T1i camera. The main purpose of having it at all would be to capture, in sweet quality, all the important and cute moments of Judah growing up and if I waited until Christmas, I'd miss 3 good growing months! Even though in my preference I like ALL gifts given on the day of Christmas and prefer them wrapped in wrapping paper (so I can slowly uncover the gift inside) and not a bag (not that I don't appreciate gifts in all forms), I made this exception seeing as though besides the Lord and my husband, Judah takes some pretty high precedence. But, I digress...

..Okay, can I just say that I LOVE MY JOB?! Yes, the job of being a stay at home mother. I love being a mother and especially being one to my little bunny Judah. He is wonderful and words can't begin to describe how much love he makes me feel. He has really started to develop a personality that includes big smiles, loud laughter, kicking with excitement when he sees his parents (Me and Timm, yay!), and he actually plays little games with us. He not only plays games but definitely likes playing them over playing with toys. I know this because his reactions reveal it all. He laughs and smiles so immensely at us its heart melting. One thing Judah loves to do is have "conversations" with us. For example, he will coo at me, I will imitate his coo, he will then laugh and coo, I will imitate his coo again, and this will go on for like a good 5 minutes. It is so amazing to see him respond to me while making eye contact. Another one of Judah's sweet skills is he is a pro at grabbing things that are hanging above him and putting them straight in his mouth. His hand eye coordination is really developing strong. Another thing getting strong are his legs. It seems as though all he wants to do is stand. He loves to stand especially when looking at his favorite Mickey picture. Judah stretches up so high its like he wants to just reach out and grab it or fly right up to it. Judah really is an amazing boy and is the second biggest blessing my life.

Now, as for me personally I am ALMOST back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125 lbs. I am hanging in there in the mid 130's right now. Seems like the weight just melted off then as I got to the last 15 or so lbs the weight loss slowed. But I don't think that's bad at all considering I gained 45+! Who knows how much more weight I would have gained if I actually delivered close to my real due date. Since I lost most of my weight, I was able to go shopping with my dad to get some new clothes. I have noticed I have gone up a pants size, but I believe its due to my hips and body changing shape after carrying around a baby for nearly 9 full months. While I was shopping I have found that the Gap Outlet at Wrentham Village rocks! Wrentham has highly improved since I have been there 3 years ago. They now have stores such as Coach, Ugg, and Burberry. I don't shop at any of the previous listed stores but its neat to see some higher end shops to bring in a more diverse crowd and trust me there is lots of diversity at the Wrentham Outlets; its actually something I kind of miss, almost like being back at college again. Anyway, Wrentham now has an Ann Taylor Loft Outlet too, which I love ATL! WV is definitely worth the ride, check it out on a nice weather day, except Saturday, its a madhouse!

One thing I am really looking forward to is watching the third installment of the Twilight Series: Eclipse. It came out in theaters just 10 days after I delivered so I missed it and now must wait patiently for its DVD release on December 4th, which I bet I will receive as gift at Christmas time. I am also really looking forward to Christmas this year because there are SO many people who haven't met Judah and this is going to be our first year with him and it is going to be so special. He will be 6 months and 5 days on Christmas and I am sure he will look much different and will have some new skills to show off. He truly is changing everyday.

Last but not least, I have been reading Proverbs lately and am in love with them. Now that I'm a mother I see everything with a new perspective and I see the Proverbs as a great teaching that Judah will someday learn because it demonstrates how to obtain understanding, wisdom, and honor among God and man, which is pretty supreme living. For now its through my demonstration that he'll learn because I know he's always watching and so is the Lord. I am just excited to one day teach my son these wise words. Well, I think that's all for now. I'll try to keep it up more often, maybe once I get that routine down ;)