Friday, April 1, 2011

The Next Cirque Du Soleil Member

It seems as though Judah has no desire to be mobile these days, in terms of crawling that is.  In an attempt to encourage Judah's crawling efforts we have been helping him through this towel method that you are about to see.  This method allows him to naturally want to put his knees under him and perhaps stay that way on the ground.  As you can see Judah would rather practice trying out for Cirque Du Soleil.  See how he gracefully turns himself around and spreads his arms out like an upside down bird, all while holding a green spoon.


  1. I just LOVE that child!!!!

  2. He is so chilled out in all these pictures. Personality beautifully captured. :)

  3. Thank Timm for capturing those beautiful moments then, as you can see my feet were in all of them =)