Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pregnancy Week 23, 24, 25 & 26!

My 26.5 week belly!
Week 23 -This week Timm was off school and we were debating whether or not we wanted to work on the baby's room, since we would be switching our room with the one furthest away from the heater.  The switching needs to be done because we want our babies nice and toasty in the winter and cool in the summer since the A/C's would be in the same proximity as their rooms.   Although this was our plan, we actually ended up NOT moving around any furniture or packing up anything as expected since we really thought we would be purchasing a home very soon.  What would be the point of switching rooms if we would just be packing up everything anyway, right?  Of course we didn't find out until two weeks later, but we decided against the house after a rather revealing inspection, which showed a plethora of home improvements that were simply out of our price range.  So that was that.
     Pregnancy-wise this week was basically pretty standard.  I had no doctors appointments and no odd pregnancy symptoms.  The only things that were becoming more pronounced were the size of my belly and the need to pee everytime I changed positions, whether that be getting up from a chair or changing positions in bed.  This incessant need to pee kind of made me not want to move, because I knew where I'd be moving onto next - the bathroom!

Week 24 - This week I had my 24 week appointment and I need to say first and foremost, I LOVE MY OB/GYN DOCTOR!!!! We have been through a lot together with the two miscarriages, delivering Judah via C-Section, and now my new baby boy!  He is the friendliest, caring, most personable doctor I have ever encountered (as being my own personal doctor because I just so happen to absolutely love Judah's pediatrician as well!)  Anyway, the main reason why I am saying this is because I had written in my last pregnancy update that I would probably not be having anymore ultrasounds, but the topic of ultrasounds just happened to come up during my appointment he said "Just remind me next time and we can take another peek at him with our (portable) machine."  I was so happy when he said this because it would be such a treat.  My first ultrasound was on one of those older portable machines at 5 weeks 4 days pregnant and even though it wasn't a full on scheduled ultrasound tech administered scan, it still counts! Especially since I get a little pictures each time : )
     Well onto the results of my appointment.  The heartbeat was good, belly looked good, no weird symptoms, but wait, I weigh 160 pounds???? I still have 15 weeks to gain more weight!  Well I did weigh 170 lbs. with Judah so hopefully I won't gain too much more.  Although I might not be exactly watching what I eat as carefully as I normally would in terms of calories, I know that with pregnancy gaining weight is inevitable, but I do honestly feel as though my belly is just bigger overall with this baby than I was with Judah.  As for other symptoms, I am still continually peeing all the time and heartburn finally kicked in. (Lots of hair perhaps? Just kidding! Those old wives tales haven't really worked for me.)

Week 25 - This week has been the ultimate week of feeling emotional.  At a moments notice I will become weepy.  Before I was pregnant, I'd have a chance at keeping myself from crying if I felt it coming on, but now with being pregnant it is as if I have an on and off switch directly linked to my tear ducts.  I will say "Timm, I'm going to cry" and I do! There is just NO stopping it.  I had a good crying spell after not getting the house, not because of not moving, but because I knew we wouldn't have all the modern conveniences that we lack in the apartment when the baby comes, such as a washer and dryer.
Same 26.5 belly, just a little bit further view : )
     Symptom wise I can't seem to get full no matter how much I eat.  I get hungry after about 2 hours at the very most and if I don't eat something substantial I have that pit-like feeling in my belly until I eat again.  My baby boy has also been moving around like crazy, pressing against my belly so I can feel body parts, and his newest ability is hiccuping.  That constant little poking feeling from inside my lower belly is his head going up and down with his uncontrollable hiccups, which he seems to get quite often!

Week 26 - Although not completely over yet, I figured enough was enough, I have to get this latest pregnancy post up.  It has been a month!  So, as for this week, I would have had my update in earlier but I had the WORST pounding headache for three days straight.  I thought to myself "If I have this for one more day I'm calling the doctor!"  I just had to sleep it off and put a cold cloth on my head every night.  It seemed to help and I didn't even take any medication.  Also, I had been feeling nauseous, which is very odd.  So nausea plus headache was not awesome.  I was thinking, wow I hope this isn't pre-eclampsia! (That's me being paranoid.)  Thankfully I stopped feeling both nauseous and my headache was easing, but of course my back has been acting up again.  It is at the point now where I cannot stand on one leg and getting dressed is a challenge. My back and my inner legs feel so weak these days, I can't imagine three more months of feeling like this, but I'm sure I'll bare with it. So that's it for now.  At week 28 I'll be having another appointment and get to drink that lovely glucola drink to test for gestational diabetes.  Hopefully the results of that test will come out fine.  Just 12.2 more weeks or less now! Crazy!

I will officially be 27 weeks on Monday!

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