Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pinterest & Listography

Ever feel like you have so much you want to remember and just keep losing all your little lists you've made?  Well please look no further because if you own a computer with the internet you'll want to check out these two very cool sites: Pinterest & Listography.

Pinterest is a website where you "pin" all your ideas out visually under predetermined categories or you can name the categories yourself.  You can also follow other pinners quite easily by clicking "follow" under their name.  You also have the option of following only certain boards.  When you follow someone or a board the images from these members will show up on your Pinterest home page.

     In order to start using Pinterest you must receive an "invitation" from their site.  This comes in e-mail form and should only take about a day or two.  Once you receive this e-mail, sign-up and start pinning!  You can "pin" an item onto a board very easily once you load the "Pin It" button to your bookmarks.  I placed mine just under the area where you type in URLs so my "pins" are always able to be done quickly.  All your "pins" MUST include a picture, otherwise it is impossible to "pin" your item.  Sometimes I have found that this is a draw back only because not every site has pictures (most do though) so I had to add some ideas to my regular bookmarks.  This brings me to the next website: Listography.

Listography was something I happened to stumble upon in my search to organize my ideas online and stop writings things on tons of slips of little paper that I'd lose.  If you're an organization freak like me you will love this site.  This site is a lot more basic than Pinterest in the fact that it is mainly text, makes you use a little html, and does not have much room for pictures.  I like this site though because you can create "lists" whether they be your To Do List, your Grocery List, your Movies to Watch/Buy List.  I have created many lists organizing my ideas on Crafts, Jewelry, My Kids, and right now Christmas.

     Once you learn a little of their html, which is extremely easy, you can check off or cross things out items on your list as you accomplish them.   All of your lists will be shown on your main page unless you otherwise specify that you want it to be private.  I have many lists in the private folder (I don't want anyone peaking at their Christmas presents!)  If a list is old you can store it in the archives folder. Its really simple, but so helpful.

Here are the links to my personal Pinterest page & Listography page.

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