Monday, November 14, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 15 & 16

Week 15 - Another easy breezy week of course with a few signature symptoms.  My boobs are so soooore! Ouch!  I notice it each time I stand up when I do my nightly bathroom trips, which is about three to four times a night.   I think I need to wear a bra to bed or something. My other signature symptom is excessive upon excessive amounts of gas!  I am so bloated it doesn't matter what I eat.  I could eat a bowl of cereal and milk and you'd think my insides were the site of some major war from all the explosions you hear.  I thought I may have woken Judah up from his sleep a couple times.

Week 16 - My new name is now Hungry Hungry Hippo.  Wow!  I cannot get enough food ever it seems.  I feel like a totally bottomless pit and was surprised when I found out I only gained three pounds last month.  I had my 16 week appointment making me officially four months pregnant, woo hoo!  I got to hear the heartbeat of my baby again.  The bpm was in the 150's range, which seems to be the pretty constant rate that its been going.  Judah's was always very high, which obviously disproves the high heart rate means a girl theory.  My doctor was happy with how everything seemed to be going and I got to schedule my anatomy scan ultrasound.  I'm so excited!
     Time is flying, sort of.  I had a few moments this week where I felt like saying "Ugh, another 20 + weeks?" because I feel bigger and a little uncomfortable and the hunger and frequent urination is getting old quick.  Another unwelcome and rather early symptom, this time around, is swelling.  My fingers are already slightly swelling and I only noticed this because I had to take my ring off the other day and was thinking "Why is this on so tight?!"  Then I realized the reason and got a little sad because I don't like not wearing my wedding ring.  Other than that though, things are going very smoothly and I am ready to start getting things moved around in the house.  That is going to be a big project, but its got to be done. Until then, I'll just keep myself busy with my crafts and my extremely funny and busy toddler.

I am officially 17 weeks pregnant today! Feeling TONS of movement! 
Nine days til the gender scan!

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  1. Jenn!!! I almost cried when I saw that picture; you are a beautiful mama! :D - Blayre