Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh, The Things Judah Knows!

It has been busy around the Freitas household getting ready for Judah's parties, Timm finishing up his school year, and me reorganizing my Etsy shop, so blogging has somewhat taken a backseat.  Anyway, I figured it would be neat to tell everyone of Judah's current achievements thus far.

At nearly one-year-old in just sixteen days, Judah can say a total of at the very least EIGHT words and some with different versions.  We are so proud of him. The words are: "Mama" (also "Mom" & "Mommy"), "Dada", "Up", "Hi", "Bye Bye", "Amen"(pronounced "men, men, men"), "Hello" (pronounced "Heh-wo"), & his latest word "Baby", which he says ALL the time. He loves to talk and babble and it really is just the cutest thing ever.

Yesterday, out of nowhere it seems Judah just started clapping and hasn't stopped.  He claps on command and now loves to clap ALL the time at just about anything, even during a diaper change.  It is as if he is saying "Go, Mommy! Nice diaper changing!"  Right?

JUDAH HAS STOPPED USING HIS SWADDLE!!!!!  He has FINALLY graduated to the sleep sack and is just doing a fantastic job transitioning.  Not to mention, he slept through the night last night! Not once did I have to get up to feed or rock him.  Amazing double whammy in one night.

Judah has finally also started "crawling" backwards by pushing himself with his arms while he is on his belly.  Often he backs himself into something and gets stuck and needs me to help.   He also so desperately wants to push himself off his belly and onto his knees to crawl.  He just needs a little bit more time to work on muscle strength.  But the biggie he achieved yesterday was pulling himself up on a piece of furniture for the first time ever.

This has truly been an incredible week for him and Timm and I are just so proud!

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  1. I can't wait to see the backwards crawling. Cute. :) ~Rachel