Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please Meet Fiona: My New Niece!

Timm and I would like to introduce to everyone the newest addition to our immediate family, Fiona Marie! We are so beyond thrilled to have her in our lives, and we are more than excited for her parents to experience the wonderful adventure that is parenthood.  Fiona is the daughter of Timm's sister, Julie, and her husband, Andrew, making her Timm's & my niece and Judah's first ever cousin.  I truly hope Judah and Fiona and all the future cousins will grow close together.  Timm and I  got to meet the bundle of beauty last Sunday where we each got a chance to hold her for the first time.  It was a fun and funny time.  Here are some of our memories : ) (All photographs are courtesy of Andrew, the daddy.  Thanks, Andrew!)

Judah meeting his cousin for the first time.  Doesn't seem too sure what to think, yet.

Seems as though he approves : )

Here Timm is holding Fiona.  Don't worry, he hasn't contracted any strange illnesses; he just had a cold. 

"Judah, this is a baby, your new cousin, Fiona! Say hi!" 

Here we are as a family adoring the new bundle.  Please don't mind my attire,
I don't normally dress in extra tight Christmas pajamas at family affairs.

Here Judah is trying on Daddy's mask as a hat.  Silly boy.  

Judah wants to be just like Daddy, all the time : ) 

Finally back into my normal clothes; it was my turn to hold Fiona.  She's so cute! 


  1. Love my grandbabies and their parents!!!

  2. Thanks for the nice post. She has already changed so much in the past 12 days! I also love the caption about your attire... I am still laughing :). (with you of course)

  3. These pictures were great. Thanks for posting them, Jenn. Two very beautiful little kids! Can't wait to meet the third...Love to you all.