Friday, March 23, 2012

Pregnancy Weeks 31, 32, 33, & 34

Week 31 - I had my prenatal check up this week.  Timm actually went with me for the first time this whole pregnancy and got to hear the baby's heartbeat.  (We remember hearing Judah's heartbeat the first time.  We couldn't stop imitating the whooshing sound all night.)  Judah was with us too and when he saw the fetal doppler he freaked out and cried worse than he does with shots.  I think he was nervous the doctor was going to "hurt" mommy but everything ended up being fine.  He is not a huge fan of medical equipment for some reason.  As for symptoms I have been experiencing very bad back pain, the sensation of being out of breath all the time, extra tired, slightly emotionally blue, and very hungry.

Week 32 - My energy level seems to have taken a turn for the worst.  I've been feeling slow, lazy, and tired.  Must be my body working extra hard on growing the baby.  This week too has been incredibly busy and I've been missing Timm a lot.  Knowing how busy he is makes me slightly nervous to handle raising a toddler and newborn alone for the six weeks he'll be in school until the Summer break comes.  The Lord is gracious though and would not give me this challenge if He thought I could not handle it though.  For that I am thankful and encouraged.

Week 33 - This week was rather eventful and filled with odd pregnancy symptoms.  It started with getting my prenatal check up at 33.2 weeks.  This will be the last check up I'm allowed to bring Judah, since they'll be checking for progression from here on out.  As for symptoms the top of my belly hurts so bad, as if I have a bruise or pulled muscle.  The sensation is an odd burning feeling and worsens when I bend over.  Timm thinks its my muscles stretching a part to accommodate the growth of the baby, he's probably right. I will be glad to be relieved of this pain soon though.  Another odd symptom I have been having is waking up with a headache on the left side of my head every single day.  It usually fades throughout the day, but is quite annoying. It has since gotten better and I feel no headaches in my current state of 35 weeks, but it was a little nerve wracking when my doctor suggested I see a neurologist if it didn't get better, seeing as though headaches are one of the main signs of pre-eclampsia.  Thankfully, that is not the case.
     As far as being tired, I am able to "crash" on a moments notice if you show me a bed. The strangest thing in the world has happened to me during this pregnancy and that is the space between my two front teeth has been closing up.  After 28 years it decides to stop having a gap. Pregnancy related? I have no clue, weird though. Also, my head has been super itchy and I haven't changed anything about my shampoo too recently.  I changed it like 2 months ago, but its only been itchy lately.
     Also, my birthday was this week.  28 years old!  I totally don't feel it.  It is odd because every year since 2009 I've been pregnant at some point.  Wondering, how long this trend will last!

Week 34 - Just 3 weeks to full term (37 weeks, which is exactly when I had Judah) and just 5 weeks 1 day until my scheduled C-section. Once the one month mark hits (in about a week) is when I'll feel like there is a real countdown. Although, anything can happen at anytime, as I have already found out.
     My main symptom this week is MY ACHING BACK! I honestly feel like my back legs and groin are going to all fall apart at a moments notice.  Turning in bed is next to impossible and I'm beginning to feel extra warm these days, could be hot flashes I'm not sure.  Sleeping through the night has gone out the window from this point until who knows when, leaving me extra tired during the day, and with Judah only taking one nap a day, it leaves me little time to sleep unless I let every household chore go by the wayside. Again, I know this is temporary, but will be glad when my new baby boy starts sleeping through the night and I get sleep again : )

I am officially 35 weeks and 4 days today!  
Three weeks and 4 days, or less, until I meet my brand new baby boy!

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