Thursday, March 29, 2012

Judah's Latest Accomplishments

It seems as though Judah decided overnight that he was going to expand his abilities.  He is now able to do so many things that would make any parent proud.  

 Judah has become a fork using master!  He loves to use his fork to eat anything and everything and since doing so, it seems as though his taste buds have expanded too.  This makes mommy's life so much easier on so many levels!

Judah now also loves to use straws!  He thinks its the coolest thing when we go out to a restaurant and he gets to drink from Mommy or Daddy's cup.  Usually what we are drinking is a little bit sweeter too.

The ABC's are coming together quite nicely for him as well.  I believe he only skips D, H, I, and sometimes Z.   He even likes to help sing the very ending of the song and has his own little rendition that ends with "next time won't you sing with mommy?"

One of Judah's favorite things to do now is tackle really long words like "calculator" and "refrigerator", which he surprisingly says very clearly and articulately.

Not only has Judah been expanding his vocabulary, but also the length of his sentences.  His longest sentence to date is "I love you, so much!"

He always knows how to hold a book the correct way and never holds it upside down.  Additionally he likes to "read" books and recite all the words he knows.

Along the same lines Judah loves to sing and sing the actual lyrics to songs.  So far is greatest achievement is singing "I stand alone on the...b-i-b-l-e."

As far as being a helper, Judah has a favorite task that he even requests to do, throwing away his own diaper!  He does this task successfully each time, but will sometimes get distracted by other things and not return to finish getting dressed : )

Lastly, but definitely not least, Judah has figured out how to use his toys in more correct ways.  There is one particular toy that has five little animals that pop up when you either slide, press, switch, turn, or flip the little knob.  He had struggled with this toy for a long time, but one recent day he manipulated them all with the greatest of ease, making it look like he had done this many times before.  He amazes me!

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