Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Canada Withdrawal

Between Ben's phone call the other day and Blayre & Josh's card with beautiful Vivienne's photo in it, Timm & I are missing our Canada friends BIG TIME!  That includes the Hall's & all the Leblanc's as well!

You must come see us soon!

See the cuteness of Judah that you are missing!


  1. We agree: the Judahman is pretty adorable!!! We are missing you guys too, but I don't know if you want us to visit. We've been honing our Monopoly skilllllllzzz and are ready to take you over; all the way from Mediterranean to Boardwalk! ; )

  2. I am pretty sure we are up for the challenge 24/7.

    Timm says we are ready to stay at Marvin Gardens, pay for it, and still kick your butts! =)

  3. Missing you guys so much! Judah's cuteness as well, of course :):) <3. See you soonzies :):)