Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update on Me

     So, if you've read the last post, you know that Timm & I have been through ALOT this past month.  It is really crazy I have to say because even though it was just happening earlier this month, it feels like a long time ago already.  That may be a good thing, but it is not like I'm going to forget.  As each day passes I feel more and more at peace knowing that the Lord has granted Timm & I three children, which two of them are now with Him in Heaven.  I spoke with a friend just yesterday about my trials and she said that it is amazing and even wonderful that my two children that have gone on before me will never have to experience the pain, the drama, the brutality, or evil of this world.  We cannot deny we live in a broken world and the Lord has us here for one reason or another and because of that I challenge anyone who reads this to think about what their purpose is for the Lord, and if you don't know Him, seek him, or talk to me about Him.
     Anyway, emotionally I am getting there one day at a time and feel stronger when I know the Lord is in control, which is just something I need to be reminded of from time to time in moments of relapse.  Physically I am nearly 100%.  I was blessed enough to not need a D&C or the Methotrexate shot, but have everything pass naturally.  I am going for my last blood test, hopefully, next Wednesday.  As the human that I am, I was slightly frustrated because I have to continue to get blood tests until my HCG levels are at 2 or less.  Right now they are at 7, so close!  I have had so many blood tests in the past few weeks that the lab technicians remember, which arm they took from the last time.  I believe next week will be the last week and gladly so, so I can move on and look forward to the other good things in my life like being with my husband and son and soon trip to Canada. 
     As for getting pregnant again we have decided that we are not officially trying but just not not trying.  We just want what the Lord wants and that means getting pregnant in His timing.  Thanks for taking the time to read and I'll be sure to continue to update.

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