Friday, January 14, 2011

Angelcare Baby Monitor: You Let Me Breathe Easy

To all the moms and dads who check to see if their newborn, infant, okay maybe even toddler is breathing, here is a wonderful product.  The Angelcare Baby Monitor was recommended to my husband by one of his co-workers just as our due date was getting pretty near, so we quickly added it to our registry, because whether or not if we got it, we'd get that lovely 10% off afterward.  Blessedly we did receive this at my baby shower and I am forever thankful to the giver.  The monitor not only detects sounds coming from the baby's room, like all other monitors, but comes with a pad you put under the crib mattress - not under the baby, or semi-under the baby, but entirely under the crib mattress, therefore the baby doesn't feel any princess and the pea discomfort - to detect the baby's breathing.  This pad is very sensitive to any movement and will sound a very loud beeping and vibrating alarm if there is no "movement/breathing" for twenty seconds. 

This is the specific monitor package we have. It's wonderful.

There are numerous models to count in various price ranges, none which will break the bank either.  My husband and I received the deluxe monitor, which comes with two speakers with digital displays, two charger bases, the sensor pad, and the monitor (in the shape of an angel, how cute) that stays in the baby's room. 

Semi-Drawbacks: You will need a piece of board of some kind so that the monitor pad will lay perfectly flat beneath the mattress.  Very rarely you will get a false alarm if the baby travels too far away from the sensor pad during their sleep travels. 

Bottom line: You will find little use for video monitors after using this product.  There are many other features to the Angelcare Monitor Deluxe including setting temperature controls.  The sound quality is great with next to zero static and you can rest peacefully knowing your baby is breathing (or rest as peacefully as the baby will let you).

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