Monday, September 12, 2011

Great Family Film

Saturday night I was in the mood for ice cream and a movie.  May I just say the movie I chose I highly recommend.  It was a children's movie that is through and through clean, creative, cute, and all around wholesome.  Also if you are an avid Roald Dahl fan, like my husband, you will be pleased to know that the movie is nearly spot on to the book except for one particular scene.  I believe the scene is more for adding in a special cameo character than adding plot to the story. So, what is the name of this spectacular movie  you say? It is titled James and the Giant Peach.   The young man who plays James is absolutely adorable and all around loveable.
      One funny tid bit about this movie is as I was watching it I thought "If you were to only make one movie in your life ever, this was a great movie to make."  Oddly enough, this was the only movie the little boy, Paul Terry, did make.  He said he'd never act again after he got bitten in the live action spider scene.  Don't forget of course, he was a young boy when this happened.  Don't believe me? Check it out on IMDB and check out this movie!


  1. Watched it in grade three!!! I've been a Roald Dahl fan ever since. I don't recommend "The Fantastic Mr. Fox", sadly.
    - blayre