Saturday, January 22, 2011

FMF: The Beauty & The Beast (Blu-Ray Style)

NOTE: First off, yes, its true, I did not put up a FMF last week, but just read my post "The Going's On as of Late" and you'll see why and you'll possibly give me some sympathy.  Please? Okay, thanks I knew you would, you're a good reader.

Beauty & The Beast - Rated G - 84 min - Released 1991

Now I am sure that most of you are familiar with this Disney classic, but watching it in Hi-Def really makes a difference; it was a treat.  If you haven't seen the movie in a long while (or ever, which is crazy) here is a refresher course.  The Beauty & The Beast tells the tale of a free spirited inventor's daughter who willingly takes the place of her father, Maurice, when he is imprisoned by the Beast after accidentally stumbling onto his castle property.    The Beast, who was magically transformed by a spell from a youthful handsome prince into the monster he is now, must find a girl who will fall in love with him before his twenty-first birthday.  His years are shown, ever passing, by a wilting rose that has nearly lost all its petals by the time he meets Belle, the beauty in this story.  Since the Beast agreed to let Belle intercede on behalf of her father, she is forced to live in the castle forever. As the story progresses Belle learns the castle is enchanted, and she makes some unusual friends with pieces of china, a candelabra, and a bossy little clock.  Initially Belle and her captor do not get along, mainly due to the Beast's fiery temper, but over time Belle learns there is much more to Beast than meets the eye. 

Of course there is a villain, as there is in every Disney story, he's named Gaston.  Gaston is a well known, handsome, yet very popular, pompous, and outright pretentious man who desires Belle to be his wife and will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants, even if that means, locking up her father in an asylum and killing the Beast. The importance of Gaston's obnoxious attitude is not to be underestimated because the thematic ventures of the movie are embodied in his characterization: what really makes a beast? Looks or Heart?

Anyway, you have all seen the film (hopefully) and know that just like every other fairy tale, the same five words are repeated at the end.  As for questionable content, there is a climactic fight scene that may have some youngsters crying for their mommies, but the happy ending will have them smiling in no time.  And, to top it all off, the amazing Blu-Ray update practically makes every aspect of the movie jump off the screen, and we don't even have 3D TV.  Also know, with the Blu-Ray edition there is an added song that did not take away from the meaning of the movie or from any of the original songs, which are all wonderful.  So, if you are 3-years-old or older and are looking for an excellent story and production, this one's for you.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

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