Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pregnancy Weeks 10-12

Week 10 - To be quite honest this week was much like weeks 8 & 9 with nothing too crazy to mention, only the occasional nausea.  I did return to the doctor AGAIN because I literally had gone to the bathroom twenty times in one morning.  I was like "what is wrong with me?" He thankfully said that there was nothing wrong with my urine, but that I probably had some sort of irritation.  I was prescribed something to help soothe it so I wouldn't be in the bathroom all day and night like I was.  I actually never ended up taking it because everything kind of cleared up on its own in the next couple days and I haven't had any problems since, its been great! Living in the bathroom for any reason isn't fun.  I did get a quick ultrasound on one of their really old machines again.  Amazing to see that the baby has grown so much in just two weeks.

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Week 11 - This week was the week that would challenge me physically the most so far.  I have been so rediculously busy it is insane (hence my lack of updating) and if my baby can survive with the amount of sleep and food I've been getting this week, he or she can handle anything.  Between packing, going to a wedding, spending the day at my grandma's starting at 7am, and then spending the weekend in Maine in three different hotel rooms, needless to say I've been stretched far in my sleep.  As for symptoms, just tiredness from lack of sleep and occassional nausea.  Haven't felt much stretching or growth in my uterus at all, kinda weird.

Week 12 - I had my 12 week prenatal appointment this week.  There wasn't much to do or see, but I did hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time on the doppler.  First, I heard my heartbeat, then a minute later I heard the baby's and the heartbeat was so much faster, it was amazing.  He didn't tell me the exact bpm, but he said he liked what he heard and that's good enough for me.  The doctor did tell me that I will be able to find out the gender when I am 18 weeks, so just 6 short weeks away!  It'll be our Thanksgiving surprise.  
     Symptoms this week include stretching pains finally!  I have been even more nauseous than usual oddly enough and have found that I feel sore all over my body sometimes.  I can definitely tell my hormones are rushing with major emotions lately and I'm starting to mildly breakout for the first time this pregnancy.  I am still having cravings and am getting more hungry as time goes on.  My belly button is starting to get rather shallow and the hair on my belly is getting more noticeably thick.  I'm definitely in maternity clothes until further notice (yes, that means even post-pregnancy sadly, just like last time I bet).  Overall, feeling great though and glad to be ending my first trimester!

Belly shots will come soon!  I've been bugging Timm, but he's been awfully busy with school & grad school, so just keep him in your prayers.  

I am officially 13 weeks and 1 day today!

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