Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Judah!

Our baby boy turns one-year-old today! He has been an enormous blessing and miracle to our family and marriage.  Timm & I could not have asked for more with our son Judah.  What a beautiful baby.

We did some early celebrating with our families this past Saturday.  There were so many pictures and videos taken.  I will share a snippet of the action and perhaps some more a little later. But enjoy what you see for now!

"Wave to the camera, Judah!"

Judah's Dr. Seuss themed birthday cake.

"Where's that cake I was promised?"

Here comes the birthday cake!

"Hmm, this tastes pretty good."

"Let's try this two handed now."

"This smooth stuff (*frosting) is really awesome!"

"I need more!"

"Hey! Where'd the cake go? I'm left with this little hunk now?"

"Oh well."  *nom nom nom nom nom* sounds


Time for a breather.

"That was fun!"


Judah made a huge mess of himself and needed a shower pretty badly.  Of course, Mommy & Daddy forgot to bring clean clothes, so our little boy ended up opening his presents in his diaper.  
"I'm all clean now!"

Judah wearing his Spongebob hat my Grandma bought.

Sweet smile. He always smiles for the camera now.

"See my cool new drum and instruments! Thanks, Jamie!"

"Wow, check out this cool tissue paper!"

"Hi there, again!"

"I'm starting to feel like a celebrity with all these pictures."

"I like this book, Mom & Dad.  Thanks, Suttons!"

Birthday kisses for Judah.  Squished face!

Happy Birthday, my son!

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