Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Past Week

This past week has been a busy one for me.  I mean, nothing enormously crazy but it has kept me from posting anything in a while. I decided to break it down into sections:

My Etsy Shop
The reason for my lack of postage is partly due to me fulfilling my first custom order on my Etsy shop!  I was very pleased and excited to do this.  You can check out those pictures on my personal Facebook page.  Not to mention with my 50% off Spring Sale I had a decent number of buys for being such a new shop.  This of course required running around to craft stores and the post office. Sales in my shop seem to come in waves.  I'll get a bunch one day even from total new customers and then none for weeks. I suppose I have put minimal investment into my shop for "really wanting it to work".  Could I seek out better photography locations to get better pictures?  Could I create more treasuries and post in forums to get noticed more?  Yes, of course but I just don't have the time with Judah and taking care of my house.  It is truly incredible how much is involved in being a stay at home mom.

As for me making this week longer and busier than necessary, I got sick and had to go to the ER last night.  It was not serious actually but I went more for preventative measures to keep Judah safe (as per the on call doctor) and also because I frankly wasn't sure what was going on.  I couldn't keep down any food at all and was so ridiculously weak.  I was scared I would drop Judah or faint.  I was convinced it was the flu, turns out it was a stomach bug.  I am feeling tremendously better now though and am finally eating a sandwich (something of substance) for the first time in two days. Timm was able to go to school and did not need to stay home with me because I felt a lot better today. So praise God for that. 

Timm and I have been trying to wean Judah off of the swaddle.  This requires Judah sleeping with one arm out for a time until he gets used to that.  After one arm, then two arms, then only the lower half of the body is swaddled, then we move on to the sleep sack and finally hopefully he'll be sleeping with just a blanket. Judah has always been a tough sleeper and this is just one more of those aspects of sleep we need to deal with.  Nap time takes a lot longer these days in terms of Judah falling asleep due to this whole new process.

On a lighter note Judah has turned 9 months old!  He had his 9 month check up on Monday.  Judah weighed in at 19 lbs exactly and measures 28 1/2 inches long.  In terms of his latest achievement he is saying "Mama" like an absolute champ!  I am convinced he knows what he is saying because he only says it when I'm around.  Then again I'm always around him.

So, there you have it.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better, congrats on the success of your Etsy shop and best wishes with the swaddle weaning. I've had my share of sleeping issues with kids - no fun!

  2. Thanks Hailey, I appreciate your understanding!