Friday, March 11, 2011

A Positive Direction

Dear Readers,

I am noticing many people are taking a break from and/or deleting their Facebook accounts.  I personally think this is a good thing.  Maybe we are all coming to the point where we realize, especially if we are believers in Christ, that the idea of "me" should not come first, and the idea of others obviously should! I think that Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, & yes even a blog can all bring our focus to the self.  When we are on the computer it is only you and the computer (no human interaction) and what we do talk about? Ourselves of course.  Do we really need to update our status everyday, or multiple times a day? I mean, I really don't care to know every time you go to the bathroom. Number one, that's what Twitter is for, and number two who cares that much about every minuscule detail of your life besides God the Father who knows everything anyway; he doesn't need you to type it out on the computer.

I don't think that Facebook in itself is a negative tool by any means.  I really think that it has been useful to me in keeping in touch with my friends who are otherwise hard to get a hold of, or those who live in other states that I may not get to see very often. 

The main thing about social networking, blogs, & other online "self" tools is that, just like with everything else on this earth, we need to have self control. If we over indulge online, we will probably get puffed up and lose our ability to interact well in person; because think about how many people are socially awkward now.  We are losing the art form of person to person interaction.

Now as for me, I have been slowing down on how much I post because like I said in my "FMF Sadness" post I am trying to get my priorities straight.  I do like to have hobbies because they keep me busy, keep my mind active, and are fun during my down time.  That is what this blog is to me, a hobby.  I enjoy it and love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you all, but I am not here to get puffed up.  Sometimes I too think about deleting or deactivating my Facebook account and I don't for a simple reason: that is how I share my new blog posts. Oh, the irony of it all.


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  1. Well said. Isn't it crazy how much of a hold FB has on its users? I am taking a break from it, but probably won't stay off forever simply because I feel like I need it (it's become my personal phonebook and email account many times). I hate that!