Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Schedule for Judah: Part 2

I decided that two weeks would be sufficient to record and come up with cumulative results as to how Judah's scheduling attempt worked out. Will we ever have a perfect schedule? No, because life happens and you can't stay inside the house all the time.  You would go stir crazy.  Does it get harder to keep schedules when you have more kids?  I don't know, I only have one right now, but I would imagine so.  That's why I always seek the advice of mom's who have much more experience.  Wisdom comes with experience. But, I will always try to keep some order no matter how many kids I have because God is a God of order.  With no further ado, here are the results:

Day 1 -Not too bad.  Only took two naps during the day.  Woke up four times at night. Needless to say I was tired the next day. 
Day 2 - Pretty much on schedule, especially with naps. Woke up two times at night. Not bad considering it was only the second day. 
Day 3 -On time with eating but kept being early with naps, therefore, he had an early bed time.  Woke up four times, ouch, little relapse. 
Day 4 -Pretty much on time with both eating and napping. Woke up three times, better than last night. 
Day5 -Same as yesterday.  Woke up three times again. Dear Judah, please stay asleep. Love, Mom. 
Day 6 - Ate a little more than usual today. Went to a friends house, so of course that threw him off.  He didn't get to bed until 9pm, therefore, he didn't wake til 9am the next day.  He always needs twelve hours for some reason.  Surprisingly, only woke up two times. 
Day 7- Church today, Judah went way off schedule.  Very hard to keep a schedule on Sundays.  Woke up three times tonight, small relapse.

Day 8 - Had two long naps today instead of his usual three one hour ones.  Eating was on schedule for the most part, except he missed one of his solid feedings due to his long nap. I must have been really tired because I don't have the time he woke up written down.  I know it had to be at least two or three times.
Day 9 - Off on his naps, but his feedings were right on time. Woke up three times.  Mommy's still not giving up. Five more days to go.
Day10 - Feedings and naps were on time.  Ate a little more than usual today too.  Woke up three times at night.
Day 11 -Same exact thing as yesterday.  At least I'm seeing some consistency. 
Day 12 -Feedings and naps were on time.  He only woke up twice! Are we actually getting somewhere?
Day 13 -Slightly off on both feedings and naps due to running around doing errands on a Saturday. He went to bed on time, and I believe he woke up twice that night.
Day 14 -Some hard proof that trying to keep a schedule can pay off. After a very off day, being Sunday and spending most of it not at home, he slept nine beautiful hours in a row and only woke up once!

This is how he always sleeps; swaddled and under a cozy blanket.
As you can see, even though I attempted to keep a semi-strict schedule (the same one from "A Schedule for Judah: Part 1"), not everyday was perfect.  I did live my life as usual, but I really believe my conscious efforts to keep a schedule did pay off.

Currently Judah is napping in his crib in exactly the time I allotted him to have his third nap of the day and I didn't have to think twice about looking at the schedule I set up.  His internal clock seems to have caught on and it is great.  Most nights Judah is now sleeping eleven to twelve hours and waking up just once around 3a.m. and that is fine with me.

Will Judah's schedule change as he gets older, needs less sleep, & starts eating more solids?  Definitely.  But we will just take it one day at a time.

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