Monday, October 24, 2011

Judah Lately


I can't believe how much my little boy has changed in literally a matter of  a few weeks! 
  • He has gained so many new words in his vocabulary that I have lost count completely. 
  • Judah loves his sign language and is starting to put two signs together to create his first sentences including "More food." & "Mommy more."  
  • He also likes to put two words together now too, such as "No, Momma!" (when I put his socks on), "Momma down" (when he wants to get down), "Hi baby" (for some reason he always like to say hi to "baby", whoever that might be, because he's not looking at my stomach.)
  • Judah uses everything from toys to stuffed animals to food as his pretend phone.
  • He is beginning to express himself in so many new ways including whenever he wants to get down or out of something he will say "Down" as clear as bell and he tells us when he has a poop in his diaper by saying "Poop"  and then points to his diaper.  Potty training soon?
  •  He is walking up a storm!
  • One of his favorite things to do is hug his stuffed animals and say "Awwwww."
  • As much as  he loves knocking over his towers he loves to build with his blocks too, stacking them one by one (four high has been his highest yet).
  • Judah says his name clear as a bell now and recognizes it on his wall and sometimes toybox.
  • We like to go through the alphabet with him on a regular basis and he repeats every single letter.  
  • He likes to do the same with numbers. But his favorite numbers seem to be "eight", "nine", and "TEN"!
  • He is beginning to perfect his animal sounds and body parts.  Occasionally he'll stop whatever he's doing and point to my "Noooooo" (my nose).
  • Speaking of nose he now says "Bleh" for "Bless You" and sometimes he'll even say the "you" part.
  • Whenever Judah sees food he wants, he automatically says "AMEN!" 
  • Judah loves to draw with a pen on paper.  Pens & pencils are some of his favorite things ever.
  • He likes to pretend cook and "taste the spoon" and serve me some too.
  • My personal favorite.  He started saying "I love you" in both sign and verbally.  Both need perfecting but the meaning is still the same. "Ah-wu!"
So that is just a brief summary of all the new accomplishments on his list of milestones.

One piece of information that is new, but unfortunate is that we officially found out Judah has a peanut allergy.  It is only to peanuts and no other nut, and thankfully it is only very mild, but still worthy of carrying around an epipen.  Hopefully we'll never have to use it.

That seems to be it for now in Judah's world! Bye!

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