Friday, December 17, 2010

What's a Partridge? What's a Pear Tree?

I suppose from the title of this blog you expected somewhat of a Christmas theme and you're right! I have been enjoying greatly the Relient K Christmas Album Let It Snow Baby...Let it Reindeer. Clever title huh?
I love those guys. I highly recommend listening to it this Christmas season if you want to get away from listening to the same stuff on the radio and listen to all your favorite classics with a Relient K twist.
I personally enjoy listening to their version of the 12 Days of Christmas, it makes me laugh every time. My little boy Judah and I have been listening to that CD all week and he absolutely loves it when I sing it to him. He's the best!

As for Relient K, their Christmas album is not the only good stuff they have out there; they are a great Christian pop punk band and I highly recommend them. Relient K is definitely my favorite band.

Since this is a Christmas themed blog post I might mention that Judah and I got to give Judah's buddy, Josiah, a new toy this week in the spirit of giving. Now Josiah has been Judah's buddy since before they were born since their mommies are buddies too. They were born only four days apart; I guess they wanted to hang out really bad or something. Anyway, it seemed that Josiah really liked his new toy since he was bouncing in it like crazy. The cutest part of it all was that Judah was in his jumperoo right next to Josiah and as one of them would jump the other would seem to respond by jumping back; their first form of communication with one another.

Now this is our first Christmas with Judah out of the womb and it has been a very fun time picking out presents for the little guy. Its also exciting to wait in anticipation to see all the wonderful gifts he will get to lovingly receive. One item we got for Judah was a set of blocks from a very cool company called Melissa & Doug Educational Toys for Children. If you have little ones I recommend shopping this site if you wish to get away from main stream toys and want to get back to the classics that actually do good for your children's brains rather than just entertain them with flashing lights and sounds.

It really is amazing the things that kids and babies are interested in that are not actual toys, for example, Judah is now mesmerized by anything that twists or spins including a particular bumbershoot (umbrella) ornament on our Christmas tree. Whenever I spin the ornament between my fingers he stops everything and just stares with his mouth open. Another toy he likes to watch spin is his butterfly that hangs from his exersaucer, it is a great distraction to keep him occupied when I eat my lunch while sitting on the little kitchen stool next to him. Anyway, Christmas is nearly just a week away and I still haven't gotten everything together yet and am still waiting for stuff to arrive in the mail so hopefully it comes soon. From the Freitas Family to everyone we know, we would like to wish everyone a safe and very Merry Christmas!

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